The Centre is a place for teachers to network, share, create, become inspired

The Toronto Teachers’ Centre has elevated the level of chinuch in the city, impacting teachers, students, and schools. The Centre is a place for teachers to network, share, create, become inspired, and most importantly feel appreciated. I have personally benefited from attending the professional development sessions that the Teachers’ Centre offers, whether it be classroom strategies, computer skills, mentoring, or chizuk. There is a special energy in the center that comes from taking an idea and bringing it to life. What truly inspires me about the center is the fact that it attracts teachers from all of the school’s in the city, united in enriching the chinuch of Toronto’s mosdos.
Miss Dana Grossman
Eitz Chaim Spring Farm

The Toronto Teachers’ Centre is the happiest place!

Some say that Disney World is the happiest place. I am an Early Childhood Educator and I work at Gan Shalom Nursery. I am privileged to work for an amazing individual and I work with an amazing group of teachers. I love my job, but as a teacher I am going to have to say that The Toronto Teachers’ Centre is the happiest place! The lovely people who work there are always willing to help you, they offer advice and ultimately help make your vision into a reality. The resources that are available to us teachers are endless. The Teachers’ Centre is also a place where you meet other teachers. You share ideas and experiences. I look forward to going. I know that I will find what I need, someone will help if needed and when I am done I leave and say see you soon, because I will be back.

Mrs. Adeena Bergman
Gan Shalom

A source of help and support

The Centre has been for me a source of help and support for the last 4 years. The Staff are always there to help find, create and print materials of all kinds. I have also gained a lot of teaching skills and got to know more teachers around the City from all the events arranged by The Toronto Teachers’ Centre.
Ben Friedman
Rebbe, Cheder Chabad

Our “go-to” location for staff meetings

The Toronto Teachers’ Centre has become instrumental in the efficient functioning of our literacy program. The center has become our “go-to” location for staff meetings, executive committee meetings and professional development workshops. You consistently accommodate and adapt to our needs with grace and generousity.
Mrs. Yocheved Zilber
Kol Koreh Literacy Project

They will help you formulate ideas and perfect old ones

The Teacher’s Centre is a place that besides for the warm welcome you receive as you walk in, they will help you formulate ideas and perfect old ones. The resources are endless and the amount you can do with all the machines and gadgets… are amazing and really enhance my classroom for my students! I probably would not have been able to do it with out them.
Rabbi Shragi Bergman
Rebbe, Yeshiva Yesodei HaTorah

Lots of great incentives and curriculum material

I moved to Toronto from Eretz Yisrael recently. BH I was lucky to become a first grade Morah at Bais Yaakov. I viewed the task of decorating my classroom to be very daunting. A few fellow teachers introduced me to the Teachers’ Centre and it literally opened a whole new world for me. I was now a member of the club benefiting from the tremendous wellspring of resources right at my fingertips. The incredible creative devoted women who run the Centre set me up for the year with not only decorations, but lots of great incentives and curriculum material. I am so privileged to live in a City that provides this incredible treasure to their mechanchim. It says a lot about how much the Toronto community values Jewish Education.

Mrs. Bracha Oberstein
Bais Yaakov Elementary School

Benefits both our Staff and our Students

I feel, that in addition to the practical service you provide, the enthusiasm generated by your personal attention and creative ideas, has a ripple effect that benefits both our staff and of course, our students.

Mrs. M. Simon
Bais Yaakov Elementary School Principal

The Centre ignites one’s spark of creativity

The Teachers’ Centre ignites one’s spark of creativity and helps transform it into professional results! The Staff is extremely helpful. I really appreciate their help with computer related projects and printing pictures. In addition, The Teachers’ Centre makes a true Kiddush Hashem as the Staff reaches out to help non religious teachers too in a friendly and helpful manner.

Mrs. Bluma Ribiat

נותן תמיכה בנושאים שונים

.מרכז לחינוך מורים אחד המרכזים הטובים שיש בטורונטו
נותן תמיכה בנושאים שונים עם חומרים מגוונים במחירים מצחיקים
!מוחלת לכם בהצלחה
המשך פיעלות פוריה וכן יירבו
.המון תודה וישר כח

שרית פוקס
ביאליק עברית כתה ד

The Centre has changed the quality of education!

As an educator/teacher the ideas, materials and tools available at the Centre has changed the quality of education in my school.

Miss Miriam Botnick
Kayla’s Children Centre

It’s my special place!

The Teachers’ Centre is my therapy! It’s my special place! The Centre is clean, fresh, colourful and organized. It’s such a beautiful environment. The Centre enables you to do more in your classroom, be more creative and innovative. It helps you be a better teacher. I love the Teachers’ Centre!

Mrs. Brocha Silver