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Current and Innovative Resources

The Toronto Teachers’ Centre of Torah Umesorah is a not for profit charitable organization committed to facilitating educational excellence by assisting teachers, schools and ultimately students realize their full potential.

Our goal is to help every student succeed by providing their teachers with current and innovative resources, equipment, professional development and access to state of the art technology.

A visit to the Teachers’ Centre leaves every educator with a true feeling of being supported in their critical mission to educate and nurture our children.

Some of our services include:

  • Computer Lab
  • Lecture Room
  • Make N' Take Room
  • Take 'Ems Wall
  • Craft Idea Table
  • Bulletin Boards


How we help

A well stocked research library includes numerous books, in addition to many of Torah Umesorah’s own publication.

Educational workshops and networking opportunities on diverse topics are popular with teachers of all grade levels. Lesson planning, sensory processing and tips for teaching literacy are some of the strategies and tools educators learn, which can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

The ease and accessibility of creating educational aids to facilitate students’ learning is one of the primary mandates of The Teachers’ Centre. Staff is always available to collaborate with teachers in modifying existing resources or to create new, customized material.

Advanced computer programs and printing equipment enable the designing and printing of professional quality visual aids. The state-of-the-art computer lab is equipped with specialty software including Nakdan, Davka Writer, Master Teacher, Bar Ilan Classic Library and more.

Crammed with everyday and specialty craft supplies, creativity abounds in the craft room. Die-cut and laminating machines ease teachers’ preparations. When availing themselves of the equipment, teachers add a unique dimension to their classrooms as they create customized note pads, spiral-bound books and more.

Mentoring is available to both new and veteran teachers in all educational arenas, from curriculum development to discipline. Teachers are guided to effective resources and supported through any challenge.


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